Buying Silver Online

Whether you are looking to buy silver to protect wealth, or maximize investment profit, it is a good idea to buy online. There are many advantages to the online process over buying from individuals or from a local shop, and we will discuss all of them below. If you are already informed about this information and are looking to purchase silver online now, visit who is an online retailer of precious metals.

Buying Silver on the Internet

There are many websites that offer a full range of silver products, enabling you to browse through and select the combination that you want. By making an online purchase you will be able to lock in the price of your silver instantly, so you are not affected by potential fluctuations in the silver market while you await shipment.

With silver prices on the rise for quite some time, the price lock is important, as you don’t want to lock into a deal, have the prices rise, then have the seller come back looking for more money before issuing shipment.

The online buying process involves you choosing the silver you want, adding it to your Shopping Cart, and then remitting payment by credit/debit card, paper check, or bank wire. You can usually either pay in full on your credit card, or just pay a holding amount of 5 to 15% and have a trailing payment by check or wire transfer. The exact policies differ from dealer to dealer.

Some sites, like, also offer full payment by check or wire, but still require a credit card on file to lock in your price. Wire and check pricing is typically 3% to 4% cheaper than credit card pricing, as online retailers operate on very thin margins and have to pass on the credit card fees to the customer. You can read full reviews of the best online silver dealers here.

Online Product Selection

Online retailers offer vast product selection, as most of them are multi-million dollar corporations that maintain massive inventories. This allows them to hold a much larger selection of inventory than a local coin dealer, so if selection is what you want, make sure to shop online.

There are many places you can buy online. You could purchase direct from the manufacturer (typically only for massive, bulk purchases of 5k oz or more), through a dealer/retailer, or even on Ebay or Craiglist.

It is of course extremely important that the source is credible and reliable. When buying from individuals online this can be difficult to ascertain, so we always recommend going through a trusted retailer or manufacturer over the eBay or Craigslist route.

Most online purchases will be delivered to you by a reputable courier service, such as USPS, Fedex, or UPS. This will provide you with peace of mind as the silver will be insured while in transit, and most packages will require a signature for acceptance.

As is true in most markets, the silver prices attainable online are the lowest. With competition for your investment capital fierce, you will benefit from great deals on coins, bullion or whatever silver product you opt for.

If you find individuals selling online then you may be able to pick up a really good rate below spot price, especially if they are looking for a quick sale. Do be careful that you are sure you know what you are buying and that you don’t put yourself in personal danger if you collect in person.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of buying silver online is the convenience. There are many one-stop-shops for all your silver requirements. You can quickly compare prices and order without the hassle of even leaving your home, or even sign up for automatic monthly buying. Please continue reading the further pages of our guide to learn more about the online buying process, as well as dealer reviews and recommendations.