Ohio Precious Metals Silver Bars

Ohio Precious Metals (OPM) has been refining since 1974 and has a 168,000 square foot refinery dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients around the world. OPM is one of the leading silver bar producers in the United States of America, and they are the biggest refinery of gold and silver for “good delivery” in America.

OPM is not accessible to the retail investor; the doors are only “open” to trade clients. Therefore, purchases of this silver are made through brokers and online retailers. A great source for OPM is JM Bullion. OPM is a registered LLC and is based in Jackson, Ohio.

OPM Silver Products

OPM 1 oz Bar
OPM produce high grade, bullion and low grade refined silver for different sectors. They produce 1 oz silver bars/rounds, 10 oz silver bars, 1kg silver bars and 100 oz silver bars. As well as these finished products they also produce .9995 silver grain, catalyst silver and silver crystal.

The company also produces gold products including gold grain and gold bars. Production of gold is up to .9999 quality.

Investors enjoy OPM silver bars as they are great for storing in stacked piles, and they typically offer the lowest premiums in the industry as far as price over spot. They are similar in dimensions to the silver coming out from Engelhard.

Price of OPM Silver

OPM 1kg Silver bars are sold at only around $1.50 above spot. This makes them an incredible silver investment for those looking to maximize their capital holdings.  Of course buying a greater weight of silver means lower transaction costs per ounce too. Lower quantities of silver from OPM are in the region of $2.50 above the silver spot price ounce value at the retail level.

The bars from OPM are hard to beat on price. They are amongst the most competitively priced in the whole of the market. Some consumers consider the bars less attractive than some of the rival producers, however, buying silver bars is not for the cabinet; it is as an investment.

The value is not determined by the look at all. Value is solely based on the weight and purity of the precious metal. With excellent low premiums investors that know their stuff are often interested in Ohio Silver Bars.

On-Site Storage and IRAs

Ohio Precious Metals understand the needs of the precious metal investment market. They therefore offer storage at their production facilities for those that do not want the hassle of taking physical storage of their silver or gold.

They are also an accredited source and storage facility for those wishing to hold precious metals within their IRA. OPM silver is therefore one of the easiest ways to choose, buy and store physical silver in an IRA.

Good Liquidity and Authenticity

With OPM being viewed as such a reputable, and quality producer of silver, their mark being on the silver bullion will mean amazing liquidity. Other investors will be pleased to take the silver off your hands when you are ready to cash in on your investment. Great liquidity… Great Value… Great Silver