Sunshine Mint Silver Bars

Sunshine Minting Inc. (SMI) is a company that has a prestigious history and strong reputation. The Sunshine Mine, in Kellogg, Idaho, is world famous. The U.S mints its Silver Eagles with 1 oz blanks produced by Sunshine. The company manufactures for organizations, financial institutions and international mints all over the world.

They have been in business for over 100 years and so have a lengthy reputation for producing high quality silver. In 2008 the company achieved revenue of $12.3 million, and their sales have skyrocketed since then as the precious metals market exploded.

Operation and Location

Sunshine Mint operates out of Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, and is located just 35 miles from the Spokane International Airport. The region’s locale is rich in precious metals and it is widely regarded as one of the places in the world with the highest production levels of silver.

The operation is steeped in history and has some very prestigious clients. Sunshine is often called upon for commemorative pieces and other unique silver products. Their manufacturing philosophy is that they blend art, science, skill and technology in the pursuit of the best quality output that they can achieve.

Sunshine Silver Products

10_oz_sunshine_silver_barSunshine is able to produce bi-metal coins, combining the beauty of gold and silver for example. They also manufacture silver-plated products. The minting facility is able to turn out massive volumes of blanks, bars, coins and medallions. They have an impressive set up with experts that know their craft exceptionally well.

Sunshine Mint is targeted towards the production of brilliant uncirculated coins of proof-like or proof quality. Silver bars are produced in 1 ounce, 5 ounce, 10 ounce, 50 ounce and 100 ounce sizes, and therefore, the company suits a wide range of investors, from personal retail buyers to massive institutions.

Silver Vault On Site

Investors that do not want to take physical possession of their silver can benefit from Sunshine’s on site vault. This is available to silver investors holding more than 500 ounces of silver, and gold investors with more than 10 ounces of gold, and provides a seamless storage option for Sunshine metal buyers.

Liquidity and Price

Sunshine bars are regarded highly by industry experts and therefore provide a great investment. Most Sunshine Silver is serial numbered, making for easy authentication. Liquidity of Sunshine silver is good, as you will never have a problem reselling any Sunshine products either to online retailers or directly to the general public.

Sunshine bars are cheaper than the likes of SilverTowne, as they are a little less fashionable. They can therefore provide a close to silver spot price investment; perhaps only a couple of dollars above the ounce spot price.

It is always important to buy bars that are recognizable. Buying from lesser-known brands can cause problems when the time to sell arrives. There is no doubt that Sunshine Minted Silver is well reputed. The 100 oz bars are considered a generic bar, but the company reputation almost puts them on a par with the likes of Engelhard.

Packaging of Sunshine Mint Silver

Sunshine bars come packaged in clear durable plastic, which works well. Small-scale retail investors particularly enjoy buying the 10 oz bars, as they offer a low over-spot price, come in neat sheets of 20, and are easy to store or resell.